Agathotoma alcippe

Agathotoma alcippe

Agathotoma alcippe

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Agathotoma alcippe

Agathotoma alcippe is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Mangeliidae.


The length of the shell varies between 5 mm and 11 mm.

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The minute, whitish or pale brownish shell is subcylindrical and turreted. The protoconch has a projecting minute subglobular apex and contains about 1½ smooth whorls followed in the teleoconch by about 4½ sculptured whorls. The spiral sculpture consists of minute close-set threads covering uniformly the whole surface. The suture is distinct, appressed, the whorls shouldered immediately in front of it. The axial sculpture consists of (on the body whorl seven or eight) prominent, slightly protractively oblique ribs, with wider interspaces, extending over the whole whorl and prominent at the shoulder, but not continuous over the spire. The aperture is narrow. The outer lip is varicose, thick, striated in front, smooth within. The anal sulcus is conspicuous but not deep. The inner lip is smooth The siphonal canal is hardly differentiated.

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This marine species occurs off the Sea of Cortez, Western Mexico, and off the Galápagos Islands.


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