Agkistrodon taylori

Agkistrodon taylori

Agkistrodon taylori

Agkistrodon taylori is species of venomous snake, a pitviper found only in northeastern Mexico. The standardized names are Taylor's cantil and Metapil, although it is sometimes called the ornate cantil: 51 p.  as well as several other colloquial names. It was named in honor of American herpetologist Edward Harrison Taylor.: 261 p.  It is a stout, medium sized snake, averaging 64-90 cm. in length. Taylor's cantils have prominent light and dark stripes on the head, with a pattern of black and gray-brown bands on the body, accented with white, yellow, and orange. They are sexually dimorphic, with males being significantly darker than females. Some older individuals, particularly males, may grow darker, nearly black with age. It is a viviparous species, with typical litters of 3 to 10 live young. Taylor's cantils are uncommon to rare snakes in the wild and listed as a threatened species in Mexico. It occurs in a variety of habitats on the Gulf Coastal Plain and lower foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental, including thorn scrub, tropical deciduous forest, and grasslands, sometimes said to prefer ecotones between scrubland and forest in the vicinity of rocky limestone outcroppings. Although not overtly aggressive, it is known to be very defensive with a volatile temper and may be quick to strike when approached, threatened, or restrained. No case reports of human envenomations have been published. Its venom is believed to be similar to its close relative, the cantil Agkistrodon bilineatus, and potentially fatal.: 265-266 p. : 97-103 p. : 215-221 p. : 395-396 p. 

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