Almirante Trail toad

Almirante Trail toad

Almirante Trail toad

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Incilius peripatetes

The Almirante Trail toad (Incilius peripatetes ) is a species of toad endemic to Panama. It is only known from its type locality near Boquete, Chiriquí, in western Panama. Another population from Cerro Bollo that has been referred to this species was described in 2013 as a separate species, Incilius majordomus.

Animal name origin

The specific name peripatetes is Greek for "one who walks" and alludes to Charles F. Walker, a student of herpetology at the University of Michigan.


Incilius peripatetes is a medium-sized toad, with the holotype, an adult male, reported to be 70 mm (2.8 in) in snout–vent length. Dorsal coloration is uniformly light brown or grey. The dorsum is rugose, without enlarged warts. The cranial crests are very prominent, whereas the paratoid glands are slightly small, smaller than the eye. The ventral surface is light brown. The rear surfaces of the thighs and the groin are dark brown or black, with some light spots in the groin. The hands and feet have fleshy webbing between the fingers and toes. There is no vocal sack in the males.


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