Arthroleptis francei

Arthroleptis francei

Arthroleptis francei

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Arthroleptis francei

Arthroleptis francei is a species of frog in the family Arthroleptidae. It is found in Mount Mulanje in southern Malawi and in Mount Namuli and Mount Mabu in northern Mozambique. Records from the Zomba Massif (Malawi) require confirmation. Common names Ruo River screeching frog and France's squeaker have been coined for it.

Animal name origin

The specific name francei honours Mr. F. H. France, young forestry officer who perished in trying to cross the Ruo River close to the type locality of this species. Arthur Loveridge named the species after France so that "his name may be linked with the forests he sought to preserve on the mountain he loved so well."


Males measure 25–30 mm (0.98–1.18 in) and females 29–43 mm (1.1–1.7 in) in snout–vent length. Loveridge reports slightly larger sizes for the same specimens, with maximum sizes of 32 and 46 mm (1.3 and 1.8 in) for males and females, respectively. The head is not wider than body. The tympanum is distinct and about half the diameter of the eye. The fingers and toes do not have webbing but their tips are swollen (only slightly so for the fingers). The dorsal colouration is dark brownish red. A deep black band edged with lighter above runs from the nostril, above the eye, and down to the forearm base. There is also a crossbar running between the eyes. There are also dusky markings (marbling) on the back, flanks, limbs and around anus.


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