Banded bullfrog

Banded bullfrog

Kaloula pulchra

The banded bullfrog is a type of frog in the microhylid family. It is also known as the Asian painted frog, Malaysian painted frog, Burmese painted frog, rice frog, and bubble frog. In the pet trade, it is sometimes called the chubby frog. They have round bodies with mahogany brown backs and cream stomachs. The distinctive stripes down the side can range from copper-brown to salmon pink in color. Males have darker throats than females. Frogs grow to about 8 cm with females generally being larger than males. They may live for as long as 10 years. Although prevalent in the pet trade, very little is known regarding its behaviour in the wild. They exude a sticky mucus when threatened, which is not toxic but has an unpleasant taste. A former subspecies in South India and Sri Lanka is now known to be a separate, related species, Uperodon taprobanicus.

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