Centralian blue-tongued skink

Centralian blue-tongued skink

Centralian blue-tongue

Tiliqua multifasciata

The Centralian blue-tongued skink or Centralian blue-tongue (Tiliqua multifasciata ) is a species of skink, occurring predominantly in the far north-west corner of New South Wales, Australia. It is one of six species belonging to the genus Tiliqua ; the blue-tongued skinks and the shinglebacks.


The Centralian blue-tongue is of a very robust build, short body and slender tail, and is among the largest 1% of species in the family Scincidae. Both the forelimb and hindlimb have five digits.



The geographical distribution of the blue-tongued skink lies throughout the far north-west corner of New South Wales and South Australia, and centrally throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. In general, habitats include a variety of arid and semi-arid stony and red sandy spinifex vegetated areas.


Habits and Lifestyle

Like many other reptilian species, the blue-tongued is a fairly sedentary terrestrial creature. It is a ground-dwelling, diurnal species and displacements are relatively short (less than 20 metres) and on average the total distance travelled each day can fall between 122 and 245 metres.


Diet and Nutrition

Analyses of stomach contents have shown that the blue-tongue feeds on a combination of seeds, insects, livestock dung and some vertebrate and invertebrate material such as that of bird or other reptilian remains (i.e. fragments of bone, loose feathers).

Mating Habits

Along with the other five species of the same genus, the Centralian blue-tongued skink is a viviparous species – it bears between two and 10 live young in a single litter.


Population threats

The geographical location of the skink sees one of its major threats to be ingestion of the invasive and toxic cane toad, but it is also under pressures from other anthropogenic processes such as fire and habitat fragmentation. However, the species is still currently listed as least concern.

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