Chestnut-bellied hummingbird

Chestnut-bellied hummingbird

Chestnut-bellied hummingbird

Saucerottia castaneiventris

The chestnut-bellied hummingbird (Saucerottia castaneiventris ) is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.It is found only in Colombia.Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montane forest and subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland.It is threatened by habitat loss.


The chestnut-bellied hummingbird is small (8.4 cm) with reddish-brown underparts and tail.It has a grey rump and shining green throat and chest. Its legs are small and white whileit has a black bill and pinkish base to lower mandible.



Biogeographical realms

The chestnut-bellied hummingbird distribution appears to be restricted to the dryer parts of the Magdalena Valley, Colombia, with a core known range in the Chicamocha, Suárez and Chucurí river valleys. Even though there are now sites where it is known to be found, it is unpredictable in occurrence because of the unknown seasonal fluctuations. It spends the core of its range in dry valleys. Recent records have found it in more humid areas such as the Chucurí near San Vicente de Chucurí and La Paz. Otherwise it has been found in Tipacoque, and a sighting in 2006 at Soatá and has been recorded in five municipalities including a rediscovered population in the environs of Soatá. The sightings seem to be around the range of 850 to 2,200 metres (2,790 to 7,220 ft) above sea level because they like to habituate in places which are usually dry, but due to its current relocating it can now also be found in humid environments as well.

Chestnut-bellied hummingbird habitat map
Chestnut-bellied hummingbird habitat map
Chestnut-bellied hummingbird
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Habits and Lifestyle

Seasonal behavior

Diet and Nutrition


Population number

The population is estimated at 3,780 individuals, by extrapolating its known territory size by the area of suitable habitats. However, since many suitable habitats aren't occupied by these and they are not evenly distributed, this may represent an overestimate.

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The chestnut-bellied hummingbird is located in the dense population regionof Colombia. In the past twenty or so years, there has been expansive economicgrowth, due to a gold rush in 1996 and also the increasingly profitable business ofdeforestation. Not only are the forests being cut down, but also sugar and coffeeplantations are replacing them. Decreased habitats and increased pollution andhuman migration accompanied these new industries. Although these businesses arebenefitting the Colombian economy, they are by far the largest threats to the habitatof the endangered bird.

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