Craugastor fitzingeri

Craugastor fitzingeri

Craugastor fitzingeri

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Craugastor fitzingeri

Craugastor fitzingeri is a species of frog in the family Craugastoridae. It is found in northwestern Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, eastern Nicaragua, and northeastern Honduras. The specific name fitzingeri honors Leopold Fitzinger, an Austrian zoologist. Common name Fitzinger's robber frog has been coined for this species.


Adult males measure 24–35 mm (0.9–1.4 in) and adult females 35–53 mm (1.4–2.1 in) in snout–vent length. The snout is subacuminate in dorsal view. The tympanum is prominent. The fingers and the toes bear discs; the toes are moderately webbed. Skin typically bears warts and ridges. The dorsal coloration varies from gray-brown to brown to orange-brown. Some individuals have a wide, light middorsal stripe. Most individuals have only some blackish spots and a vague, darker dorsal pattern. The throat is typically grey with a white line down the middle. The belly is pale white or yellow.

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The male advertisement call is a variable series of harsh chirps or clacks.

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