Craugastor rhyacobatrachus
Craugastor rhyacobatrachus

Craugastor rhyacobatrachus is a species of frogs in the family Craugastoridae. It is found in the Pacific slopes of the Talamanca-Barú Massif of Costa Rica and western Panama. The specific name rhyacobatrachus is derived from Greek batrachos (for "frog") and rhyaco ("torrent"), in reference to the torrential streams that this species inhabits.


Adult males measure 40–50 mm (1.6–2.0 in) and adult females 55–81 mm (2.2–3.2 in) in snout–vent length. The snout is subelliptical to elliptical from above and rounded in profile. The upper eye is covered with large tubercles. The tympanum is distinct. The fingers have large discs and weak lateral fringes. The toes have large discs, definite fringes, and are heavily webbed. Skin is dorsally very rugose. The dorsum is tan to olive brown, heavily spotted or blotched with even darker markings. The posterior thigh surface has pale yellow and brown mottling. The venter is pale yellow and is heavily marked brown, as is the throat and chest.


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