Letter to Our Visitors

In this letter to our blog readers, I want to share my reflections on the war in Ukraine, how it has changed, and how it impacts us and our project.

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A brief update on what we have done lately and what we want to do in the nearest and distant future.


The Great Meadow Rebirth

The revival of the Great Meadow, once lost to floods is now a beacon of hope for ecological restoration and the return of vibrant life. The story of nature's rebirth amidst the shadows of conflict, and envision the transformation of this once-devastated landscape into a thriving sanctuary for both wildlife and humanity


The site of the greatest technological disaster becomes a reserve of pristine nature

The Chornobyl disaster became yet another challenging ordeal for Ukrainians in the terrifying 20th century. While the story of this tragedy is important in itself, what is interesting is that it created one of the most isolated natural parks, where previously a fairly populated and developed area was left to itself and devoid of human influence.


The Influence of Ancient Greek Culture on Animal Names

Greek culture and philosophy lie at the foundation of modern society. Often, we don't even realize how many everyday ideas have their roots in Greek philosophical tradition. Even the very concept of "Animalia," as an encyclopedia of animals, we owe to Aristotle, as the first systematic explorer of the natural world. Not to mention that the word "encyclopedia" itself derives from the Greek language.


Exploring the Fascinating World of Pet Psychic Animal Communication

Have you ever marveled at the unspoken bond you share with your pet? The way your dog seems to understand your moods, or how your cat appears to anticipate your actions? Many animals communicate in ways that go beyond our human understanding. They perceive the world through senses that are remarkably different from ours, often sensing things we cannot.


Elk versus Reindeer

In the Christmas tradition, Santa Claus is often depicted as being pulled by a team of reindeer (sometimes confused with elks) to deliver presents on Christmas Eve


An incredible story of rescuing a dog from a war zone

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has given rise to numerous animal rescue stories. Today, we bring you an extraordinary tale of salvation that is impossible to ignore! This compelling story was shared with us by the Khvostati Charitable Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals from the war zones in Ukraine.


How natural and human-made disasters can impact habitats and populations

The tragedy of the dam explosion at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station by Russian occupiers demonstrated how population mixing and changes in wildlife habitats occur in the wild as a response to extreme cataclysms.


America's Top 5 Dog Breeds and How to Care For Them

In the hearts of Americans, dogs occupy a special place, celebrated as much for their diverse personalities as for their unwavering companionship. In a remarkable shift, 2022 saw the French Bulldog ascend to the pinnacle of America's favorite breeds, dethroning the long-reigning Labrador Retriever. In this article, we explore the reshuffled top five dog breeds gracing American homes and provide a comprehensive care guide, emphasizing the importance of health management and insurance protection for these beloved canines.


Soldiers and animals

During the war, I returned a few times to the novel I read in childhood called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” later adapted into “Blade Runner" movie. The main idea is that the only way to distinguish humans from androids is empathy and the best indicator of empathy is the relationship between humans and animals. I thought this was an artistic exaggeration, but the war gave us Ukrainians a chance to put many ideas to the test.

alt and Generative AI

We discuss how Generative AI impacts the quality of content and our approach to using AI tools in Our commitment is to stick to use human moderated content from reputable sources without using AI tools to generate articles, images, and texts.


Survivors of the Wild: Amazing Animal Adaptations Part 3

Another chapter of the amazing animal adaptations series. This post is dedicated to some adaptation in prey-predator dynamics


How Ukrainians Saved Their Animals During the War

We, the authors and creators of this site are Ukrainians. During the last year and a half, we have witnessed what animals might really mean for people, and how frequently they are willing to give up everything and risk their lives to save their animals. With this post, we start a series of stories about Ukrainians taking care of and saving animals during the war.


Survivors of the Wild: Amazing Animal Adaptations Part 2

In this post, we continue our exploration of amazing animal adaptations. This time we will learn more about adaptation to extreme environmental conditions.


Survivors of the Wild: Amazing Animal Adaptations

From the deserts to the icy tundras, from the depths of the oceans to the highest mountaintops, these animals have developed unique features and behaviors that allow them to overcome challenges and outwit their competitors. Here are some of the most fantastic animal adaptations found in the wild in our series of posts dedicated to different types of adaptations.