Goniobranchus tennentanus

Goniobranchus tennentanus

Goniobranchus tennentanus, Gaudy chromodorid

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Goniobranchus tennentanus

Goniobranchus tennentanus (the gaudy chromodorid) is a species of colourful sea slug in the family Chromodorididae.


Kelaart's original description is as follows:

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Eliot's Chromodoris vicina is described as follows:

Most of the specimens identified as G. tennentanus are a good fit for Eliot's description of C. vicina, but it is possible that it is not really a synonym of G. tennentanus. In particular G. tennentanus is described as having a continuous sky blue margin, not purple, and red gills. C. vicina is up to 40 mm (1.6 in) long, with central region orange brown, mottled with lighter and darker patches and with dark purple spots, some with white centres, surrounded by white rings. The central area is surrounded by an irregular cream band which contains bright yellow spots. The margin is purple and somewhat discontinuous or broken into elongate spots.

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This species was described from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). It has also been reported from the following locations; East Africa, East Coast of South Africa, Tanzania and Chagos.

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Habitat: diverse, among shallow coral reefs.

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