The site of the greatest technological disaster becomes a reserve of pristine nature

I have been in the exclusion zone, and my strongest impression is how quickly the forest absorbs traces of civilization. Now the exclusion zone is a natural reserve where populations of many animals, which disappeared or nearly disappeared in Ukraine, have recovered. Currently, the Chornobyl zone is populated by all the usual inhabitants of the Eastern European temperate mixed forest. European lynx populations have been restored, a wild population of Przewalski's horses has developed, European bison have migrated, and even raccoon dogs found their place in the ecosystem. After the brutal destruction of animals by the Russians in the Askania-Nova reserve, the population of Przewalski's horses may be the only one left in Ukraine.


Unfortunately, the video below does not have English subtitles, but there are many shots of animals caught on camera traps in Chornobyl.


Lately, I was also intrigued by the news of how wolves have developed greater resistance to cancer in conditions of increased radiation.


All this allows us to look into the future with optimism. Even the worst tragedy, like the greatest technological disaster or war, can lead to restoration even where it seemed impossible.