An incredible story of rescuing a dog from a war zone

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has given rise to numerous animal rescue stories. Today, we bring you an extraordinary tale of salvation that is impossible to ignore!

This compelling story was shared with us by the Khvostati Charitable Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals from the war zones in Ukraine. It is one of many tragic stories but with a happy ending. 


The story of Motya

Motya found herself under the care of the Khvostati Foundation amid exceptionally challenging circumstances. Following the explosion of the Kakhovska Hydro Power Plant by Russians, the evacuation team descended upon the village of Vesele on the right bank of the Dnipro River. In this village, numerous animals were sheltered by residents who were grappling with lack of drinking water and incessant shelling. Among these residents was Olena, who, despite having a small child, could not evacuate to safer areas due to her commitment to caring for the 20 animals under her wing.


Tragically, their house had been bombed, compelling them to seek refuge in a neighbor's basement for over 10 months, attempting to evade constant artillery attacks. These were the circumstances when  the Khvostati Foundation assistance came to help—offering to evacuate and rehome all the animals while aiding Olena and her child in their journey to safety. Olena agreed, and the Khvostati Foundation successfully ensured the well-being of each of her beloved animals, whom she cherished with all her heart.


(in the photo, some of Olena's animals are already in Kyiv)


Among them was Motya, the family dog that had weathered all the hardships alongside the family. As Olena contemplated leaving Ukraine due to the devastation wrought upon her home, she was determined to bring Motya along. However, the reality was stark—Motya, being quite old and burdened by chronic diseases, including a diagnosis of epilepsy, posed a significant challenge to any international relocation.

(Photo: Motya during a veterinary examination in Kyiv)

The volunteers persevered. After subjecting Motya to a comprehensive examination by top veterinary experts, they uncovered that the issue wasn't epileptic attacks but rather convulsions stemming from an old spinal injury. Armed with a generous dose of love, meticulous care, and appropriate treatment, Motya is now embarking on a journey to friendly Norway alongside her owner, ready to explore the enchanting blue fjords!

(in the photo - Motya with her owner)

You can contribute to the creation of more stories with happy endings by supporting Ukrainian volunteers On the Hvostati Foundation website, you can find international help details - this will enable them to save more furry lives daily!

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