latest updates

Often the changes we bring to our project go unnoticed; nevertheless, is always evolving and moving forward. Despite the new power outages in Ukraine, we are doing a lot of routine work to maintain the site and improve our articles and materials. However, we want to say a few words about the more significant tasks we are undertaking.

Recently, we finally launched our long-awaited project, Animalia Pets, starting with cats. But we continue to work actively on the content, and very soon a section dedicated to dogs will be available on the site. After that, sections dedicated to pet rabbits and birds will follow.

Animalia Pets

We are also working intensively on translations to enrich all language versions and make reading interesting regardless of the article's language. However, this is a long process that we will continue.

Many of you have subscribed to our newsletter, and we plan to start its regular distribution soon.

Finally, we have begun to work more actively on realizing my long-held dream: the creation of a project dedicated to dinosaurs within Animalia. Stay tuned—it's going to be something incredible!