Javan lapwing

Javan lapwing

Javan lapwing, Javanese lapwing, Javanese wattled lapwing

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Vanellus macropterus

The Javan lapwing (Vanellus macropterus ) also known as Javanese lapwing and Javanese wattled lapwing is (or was) a wader in the lapwing family.

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This large, long-legged wader inhabited the marshes and river deltas of Java, and possibly Sumatra and Timor. It was last seen in 1940, and as it was a conspicuous species unlikely to be overlooked, it seems likely that it is extinct. And the IUCN classified it as such in their 1994 and 1996 assessments, but reversed that in 2000 and listed the species as Critically Endangered (CR).

In an assessment dated 1 October 2016, the IUCN justified the classification:

The IUCN clarifies by citing "unconfirmed reports" by locals from 2013. While acknowledging that finding live individuals is "unlikely", insight gained from observations in the 1920s may point to additional habitats not previously considered. Specifically grasslands on Belitung Island may be one such location to be surveyed. However, a 2018 study, citing previous patterns of bird population decline and the lack of any confirmed sightings, recommended uplisting the species to Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct).

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