Montane forest

55 species

Montane forests are found on the slopes of mountains. They occur between the submontane zone and the subalpine zone. Montane forests differ from lowland forests in the same area. The climate of montane forests is colder than lowland climate at the same latitude, so the montane forests often have species typical of higher-latitude lowland forests. On isolated mountains, montane forests surrounded by treeless dry regions are typical "sky island" ecosystems. Montane forests in temperate climate are typically one of temperate coniferous forest or temperate broadleaf and mixed forest, forest types that are well known from Europe and northeastern North America. Montane forests in the Mediterranean climate are warm and dry except in winter when they are relatively wet and mild. In the tropics, montane forests can consist of broadleaf forests in addition to coniferous forests. One example of a tropical montane forest is a cloud forest, which gains its moisture from clouds and fog.