Nightingale reed warbler

Nightingale reed warbler

Nightingale reed warbler, Guam reed-warbler

Acrocephalus luscinius

The nightingale reed warbler (Acrocephalus luscinius ), or Guam reed-warbler, was a songbird endemic to Guam. It has not been seen since the 1960.


Population threats

The nightingale reed warbler was driven to extinction by several introduced species. These included the brown tree snake which has also decimated the populations of several other bird species on Guam. Other introduced predators included rats, cats and feral ungulates such as goats or sheep. An introduced plant, ivy gourd, destroyed the canopy of the trees nightingale reed warblers built their nests in. Wetland destruction, fires and pesticides, as well as intensive land use for agriculture or building further reduced the available habitat.


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