Rock and ice

50 species

The Rock And Ice Biome is located in Greenland, Spitsbergen, Arctica and Antarctica. It’s always below freezing points in rock and ice biome’s. The typical flora in the rock and ice biome is algae. It may grow in the snow and give it a pinkish color. Few animals live in the rock and ice biome either. There are some birds and polar bears, but that's pretty much it. Even the polar bears spend a lot of time out on the floating ice or in the water. Seals, whales and other marine mammals are there (the bears eat the seals), and of course, there are a lot of fish. In Antarctica, penguins are common. Most of the fauna and flora have adapted to living in harsh conditions. some of the flora are animals such as penguins, orcas (killer whale), polar bears, harbour seals and beluga whale.