Rufous-bellied thrush

Rufous-bellied thrush

Turdus rufiventris

The rufous-bellied thrush is a songbird of the thrush family . It occurs in most of east and southeast Brazil from Maranhão south to Rio Grande do Sul states, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and central regions of Argentina. It is one of the most common birds across much of southeastern Brazil, and is known there under the name sabiá-laranjeira . It was famously referred to in the well-known first strophe of the Brazilian nationalist poem Canção do exílio. The rufous-bellied thrush has been the state bird of São Paulo since 1966, and the national bird of Brazil since 2002. It is highly regarded in Brazil, where its song is often heard in the afternoons, but specially during the nights between August and November, where thousands of them sing until the sunrise, and is often seen as "the spirit of the Brazilian commoner".

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