Réunion bulbul

Réunion bulbul

Réunion bulbul

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Hypsipetes borbonicus

The Réunion bulbul (Hypsipetes borbonicus ) is a species of the bulbul family of passerine birds. It is endemic to Réunion.


The appearance of the Réunion bulbul is similar to that of the Mauritius bulbul but is slightly smaller with a length of 22 cm. It is ashy gray with a blackish crest and the iris is conspicuously white. The bill and feet have an orange hue.



Biogeographical realms
Réunion bulbul habitat map
Réunion bulbul habitat map
Réunion bulbul
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Diet and Nutrition

The Réunion bulbul is primarily frugivorous. In February and March, it moves from areas of higher elevation, where it inhabits humid secondary forests, to lower valleys to feed on ripe guavas. Nectar, insects and small lizards enrich its range of food.

Mating Habits

The female lays two eggs in a cup-shaped nest during the southern summer.


Population threats

Although assessed as a species Near Threatened by the IUCN, the Réunion bulbul is no longer a common bird, mainly due to poaching and competition from the introduced red-whiskered bulbul. In the earlier days of the settlement of Réunion it was hunted for food on a large scale, and was considered as tasty as the ortolan bunting (Emberiza hortulana ). As late as the 1970s it was hunted excessively. It is also kept as a pet.


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