Urubamba antpitta
Grallaria occabambae

The Urubamba antpitta (Grallaria occabambae ) is a bird in the family Grallariidae. The species was first described as a subspecies by Frank Chapman in 1923. It is endemic to Peru. It is a member of the rufous antpitta species complex and was elevated from subspecies to species in 2020 on the basis of differences in plumage and vocalization. The same study also described a new subspecies of Urubamba antpitta (G. o. marcapatensis ).



The Urubamba antpitta is endemic to the Peruvian departments of Junín and Cusco. Subspecies G. o. occabambae is found west of the Yanatili river valley, and subspecies G. o. marcapatensis is found to the Yanatili's east. It inhabits humid montane forest and prefers the understory or forest floor. It is found at elevations of 2,450–3,650 m.

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The Urubamba antpitta is separated from the closely related Ayacucho antpitta by the Apurímac river.

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Urubamba antpitta habitat map
Urubamba antpitta habitat map
Urubamba antpitta
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