Lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur

Lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur

Lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur, Large iron-gray dwarf lemur

Cheirogaleus minusculus

The lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus minusculus ), or large iron-gray dwarf lemur, is a small nocturnal lemur endemic to Madagascar. It is nocturnal and an arboreal quadruped, and is not very agile. It produces three types of vocalisation: a squeak, which is high in pitch and is produced with the mouth closed, and is used between infants and their mothers; a whistle, which is higher in pitch than the squeak, so it is hard to hear with human ears, and is used as a communicative and possibly territorial call; and a grunt, which is usually given in series and is very powerful, used when an individual is being attacked in its nest.

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This species is only known to exist from one museum specimen from Ambositra, north of Fianarantsoa in east-central Madagascar. As of 2010, no studies in the wild have been conducted of the lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur, and it is unknown whether it still survives in this region. There are no reports of it being kept in captivity.

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Lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur habitat map
Lesser iron-gray dwarf lemur habitat map


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