Black thicket fantail
Rhipidura maculipectus

The black thicket fantail (Rhipidura maculipectus ) is a species of bird in the family Rhipiduridae. It is found in the Aru Islands and New Guinea. This species is one of 47 in the genus Rhipidura.


Medium-sized long-tailed bird (18-19cm, 18-19g). The plumage is blackish with white spots on the chest and wings and a white tip of the tail. There is as well a short white stripe above the eye and white spot on the side of the neck. The tail is often upturned and fanned out. The iris is dark brown, the beak is black with pinkish underside. Males and females are similar but females have fewer spots and more pale abdomen. Juveniles are sooty black all over except for an indistinct white supraorbital spot and white tips on the tail feathers.

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Black thicket fantail is similar to White-bellied thicket fantail (R. leucothorax ), but the last is differed by its white breast (which is reflected in its name). This species is also similar to Sooty thicket fantail (R. threnothorax ) but that one has no white tip of the tale.

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Biogeographical realms
Black thicket fantail habitat map
Black thicket fantail habitat map
Black thicket fantail
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