Tropicagama temporalis

Tropicagama is a genus of large-bodied lizards in the family Agamidae. The genus is monotypic, with only one species listed: Tropicagama temporalis, commonly known as the swamplands lashtail or northern water dragon. This semi-arboreal species inhabits the tropical savannah woodlands of northern Australia, as well as parts of New Guinea and southeastern Indonesia.


T. temporalis is a slender agamid lizard of moderate size, with long limbs and a long and slender tail. The head is narrow and moderately elongated, with a short rounded snout and a prominent canthal ridge and tympanum. A broad white stripe extends from the tip of the snout, over the lower and upper lips, continuing below the tympanum and down the lateral portion of the body. This stripe tapers off at the hind legs, and it is intersected by three dark bands at the neck, shoulders, and upper back. The portions of the head above and below this stripe are a uniform dark gray or brown color. There is a prominent dorsal crest of enlarged keeled scales extending from the occiput to the shoulder. This crest continues as a ridge from the shoulder along the spine to the base of the tail. The front legs are darker in color and have more strongly keeled scales than the hind legs. A second, shorter white stripe sometimes extends from the posterior mandible to the area of the temporomandibular joint. The snout-to-vent length is 103 millimeters (4.1 in); hindlimb length is 87 millimeters (3.4 in).



T. temporalis is mainly found in the far northern Australian coastal regions in the Northern Territory and the western portion of the Cape York Peninsula. It also occurs in the southern part of New Guinea and on some of the islands to the north of Australia, as far north as the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

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Within its distribution, this semi-arboreal species can be found in a range of habitats, including coastal dunes, tropical savannah woodlands, monsoon forests, paperbark swamps and billabongs, creeks and riverine environments. In particular, it can be found in the Arnhem Land tropical savanna, the Cape York Peninsula tropical savanna, the Carpentaria tropical savanna, the Trans-Fly savanna and grasslands, the Victoria Plains tropical savanna, and possibly the Kimberley tropical savanna.

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