Pohnpei starling

Pohnpei starling

Pohnpei starling, Pohnpei mountain starling, Ponape mountain starling

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Aplonis pelzelni

The Pohnpei starling (Aplonis pelzelni ), also known as Pohnpei mountain starling or Ponape mountain starling, is an extremely rare or possibly extinct bird from the family of starlings (Sturnidae). It is (or was) endemic to the island of Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) in the Pacific Ocean. It was called "sie" (pronounced see-ah ) by the Pohnpei islanders. It was named after the Austrian ornithologist August von Pelzeln (1825–1891).


The Pohnpei starling reached a size of 19 cm. It was generally dark with sooty brown upperparts. The head was darker and exhibit a black forehead and black lores. The wings, rump, uppertail coverts and tail were paler and showed a stronger brown coloring at the head. The underparts were washed olive brown. The bill and the feet were black. The iris was brown. The juveniles were similar to the adults except the upperparts of their plumage exhibited a paler brown. Its call consists of a bell-like shrill "see-ay".



Biogeographical realms

The Pohnpei starling was native to dark, damp mountain forests in altitudes above 425 m, but it was also observed at lower altitudes. The last specimen was shot in 1994 at an altitude of 750 m above the sea level.


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