Ayacucho antpitta

Ayacucho antpitta

Ayacucho antpitta

Grallaria ayacuchensis

The Ayacucho antpitta (Grallaria ayacuchensis ) is a species of bird in the family Grallaridae. It is endemic to the Peruvian department of Ayacucho. The Ayacucho antpitta was formerly believed to be a population of chestnut antpitta, but in 2020 it was described as a new species by Peter A. Hosner, Mark B. Robbins, Morton L. Isler and R. Terry Chesser.



The Ayacucho antpitta is confined the eastern slope of the Peruvian Andes and to the department of Ayacucho, however it may also appear in parts of neighboring Huancavelica. It is found at elevations of 2,500–3,700 m. It is found west of the Apurímac river and between the Mantaro and Pampas rivers. It inhabits humid montane forests and frequents the understory and forest floor.

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It is separated from the closely related Oxapampa antpitta by the Mantaro river, and from the Urubamba antpitta by the Apurímac river.

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Ayacucho antpitta habitat map
Ayacucho antpitta habitat map
Ayacucho antpitta
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